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In 1978 the Cliff Hangers Four Wheel Drive Club was formed. The founding members Jim Peterson, Don Sisson, Bobby Harrison, Harold Fahs, and Leroy Riley were looking to build a club that was safe and family oriented. Now the club has a member base that is involved in trail development, land management, Four Wheeling, events, and much more.
The Cliff Hangers set out to promote and encourage interest in the serious operation and ownership of four wheel drive vehicles and promote good fellowship and social activities among its members and their families.

Silverton July 21st, 2015

Silverton July 21st, 2015 Every year the Cliffhangers spend time in the San Juan Mountains. The club has a yearly run in July. This is usually a very busy time but it allows our

Four Corners 4×4 Show and Swap

Four Corners 4x4 Show and Swap Since 2011 The Cliffhangers Four Wheel Drive Club has put on the 4 Corners 4x4 Show and Swap. People come from all over to show their vehicles, swap

Four Corners Wounded Warrior 2015


Four Corners Wounded Warrior 2015 The Four Corners Wounded Warrior Extreme is a unique event where multiple entities get together to bring in some of our nations heroes to show them a good time.

Cibola National Forest

Cibola National Forest We really hope to get out to this area more. The Forest Service has set aside an open area in the Cibola National Forest for OHV recreation. In the summer time this

Hotel Rock 9-06

Hotel Rock 9-06 With this area only being a couple hours from Farmington it is a great area to go camping. There is so much to explore in this area and the history speaks for

Largo Canyon Run

Largo Canyon Run The Largo Canyon run is not difficult in fact most of it is two wheel drive. The oil field lease roads allow for easy access to many different ruins. You can

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