Find a Sponsor

To join the club you must have a sponsor. The best way to get a sponsor is to get out four wheeling and meet some of our members. We wheel locally and around the Southwest.

Go 4 Wheeling

Get out there and go four wheeling. The Cliffhangers are out in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari, in Silverton from July to the end of September, and other events around the southwest. There is a large group that wheels in Chokecherry Canyon regularly. 

Visit a meeting

When you are out with a member ask them about our meetings.


Our members are voted in based on sponsorship. Most are asked if they want to join and become sponsored while out on the trail. When you are sponsored you are required to attend 2 events and one meeting. After the sponsored has met the requirements the rest of the club is notified of a voting meeting at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The sponsored does not show up to this meeting.
We use fines to keep our club dues down. The fines are for fun! A member may be fined a quarter for having a hood up, caught under their vehicle, scratch and dent, or maybe a pic in a magazine.
A sheriff is appointed at each meeting. During sheriff time the person goes to each member and the member tells a story (which results in quarters) or another member points out a few infractions. It gives everyone a chance  to tell their story!
The club works with different groups to do clean ups, donate, and educate. There is an amount of funds that are held aside for consultants and legal to help keep our local area open to recreate in.

The club has had many different events through the years.  Check out the 4 Corners 4×4 Week this September. It always starts with Fall Crawl the Wednesday and Thursday after Labor Day. After that we do a lunch where everyone floods down town Farmington, NM with their rigs to eat at their favorite restaurant. That Friday evening is the Off-Road Downtown Takeover. Once all of that is over the club kicks it off to WERock for the Grand Nationals, which is the weekend after Labor Day. The Cliffhangers have had invitationals, swap meets, car shows, national meetings, and rock crawls. There are joint club trips. The club has always been involved when promoters come in. We help judge, run recovery, and do security at multiple types of events.


Ready to have some fun and enjoy your favorite pastime, 4 wheeling? We’re thrilled to have you join our club.

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Cliff Hangers 4 Wheel Drive Club

 A club that has a member base that is involved in trail development, land management, four wheeling, events, and much more.