Eat my Dust Lunch

On Friday during 4 Corners 4x4 Week the club encourages everyone to go downtown on Friday the 11th with their rigs. The idea is to

Off-Road Downtown Takeover

This will be the 10th year that we have put on an off-road show. It was the "Show and Swap" now we call it the

Haunted Trail Run and Dinner

Each year the Donald's decorate for a Haunted  Trail Run and have a dinner in the glade. Come out and join us as we celebrate

New Years Day Run

Each year the club does a New Years day run. Its a great way to get out with everybody on New Years day. Come out

Labor Day Invitational

The Labor Day Invitational is intended to get groups and clubs together with the Cliffhangers 4 Wheel Drive Club for a Chokecherry Canyon orientation. The event will get you around to all the best trails and obstacles so when you come back with a group, you know your way around.

Fall Crawl

Chokecherry Canyon pinon hills blvd and glade road, Farmington, NM

Two days of epic 4 wheeling in Chokecherry Canyon. There are plenty of good views and 4 wheeling for every rig from stock to extreme. Join us this September!

W.E. Rock Grand Nationals

Brown Springs Competition Area Brown Springs Competition Area, Farmington, NM

W.E. Rock is back in Farmington for the Grand Nationals. It's going to be awesome! Come out to check it out or even be a competitor!

Monthly Club Run

Chokecherry Canyon pinon hills blvd and glade road, Farmington, NM

Meet at the canyon entrance at 10am! We will decide on a trail based on the rigs that show up!

4 Corners 4×4 Week 2022

It's back! 4 Corners 4x4 Week starts  on Labor Day with a Swap Meet at Bear Unlimited followed by the  4x4 week meet and greet

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