Show-and-swap-2It’s a new year and time to get this show on the road! The 2016 Four Corners 4×4 Show and Swap is coming up this fall. We have met with other car clubs and are securing a date for the show. As always we look to our sponsors to help us put this event on each year. For 2015 our major sponsors were Advantage Jeep, Superchips, Edge, Mountain Off Road Enterprises, and Artec Industries. We also had many manufacturers and businesses help out with our raffle. For 2016 we are trying to get out to everyone early. First we have to confirm our date!

We see many different car shows here in our area. Show-and-swap-16Our goal is not to conflict with other shows. Right now we need to confirm our date. We have one chosen but it may conflict with a tractor show that is very popular. We like the location that they use as well. On January 23rd most of the car clubs got together and discussed dates, locations, times, and classes. Unfortunately the tractor group did not attend, so we will be doing some digging before announcing this years date.

A new venue will be huge for this year! The Cliffhangers Four Wheel Drive club will be holding the Show and Swap on a Saturday. The first five years the show Show-and-swap-31has been on a Sunday. Our venue has always been at Advantage Jeep and the club appreciates the dealership for everything that they do! The move will hopefully give us more spectator parking. This has been an issue with the volume of people that come through the show.It may also give us some trailer parking. In the past other dealerships wouldn’t show because of the location being at a competitors lot. This year we hope to get the dealerships involved with show vehicles, parts, and vendor spots. We are looking at the trophy classes to include 4×4 vehicles that the dealers would bring. Hopefully this will encourage people to come early and experience some of the amazing four wheeling that this area has to offer.

Show-and-swap-6Our sponsors are proud to be in the industry! Just like the sponsors, the Cliffhangers set out to promote and encourage interest in the serious operation and ownership of four wheel drive vehicles. The club does its best to show that. Every year along with the show there is a raffle. The raffle usually has body armor, programmers, suspension parts, tools, lights, body parts, and even cash. Every person involved could always take a little more cash! The Cliffhangers do everything they can to get more for the raffle each year. As far as classes go we are still looking at participation from past years. We would like to bring in a work truck class and maybe a couple more. This area is filled with businesses that use four wheel drive outfitted work trucks and we want to show case them. If you have a class for it they will come!

Show-and-swap-24Its going to be a great show this year. The club enjoys seeing all of the faces that it brings. This is a family friendly event. The kids love to see all of the rigs. From ugliest to the prettiest they are something to see. We hope that all will enjoy! With a new venue and a Saturday date should bring some new rigs, sponsors, and people to the show. Please give us your feed back and we will take it into consideration.